Adamo and Vicci started their blues dancing journey together in London, where they nurtured and grew the blues dance scene, setting up two weekly blue dance events – Sin City Blues and Stompin’ the Blues – plus Blues at The Ritzy, a monthly live music event. They created Europe’s first blues dance performance troupe, The Down and Outs, and are co-organizers of Espanish Blues Festival in Madrid.

Adamo and Vicci have an incredible chemistry on the dance floor, bringing intensity, elegance and musicality to the dance.

Their passion for blues is evident in their inspiring classes, giving dynamic and energetic lessons with a focus on creativity, communication and connection within the partnership, developing a relationship with the music, and encouraging dancers to find their own blues voice.

Both trained teachers, Vicci and Adamo love to create new and intuitive ways to communicate technical concepts to their students.  Their lessons are interactive and interdisciplinary involving drawing, discussions, giant elastic bands and even chopsticks!!!

They believe your body is a musical instrument and your dancing is the music you play, and will help you to discover the way your body moves in a whole new light.

By watching them dance, or joining their classes you will learn to really ‘feel’ the blues!


Bibi and Daire are a very enthusiastic dancing couple, they are very excited to share their love for blues music and dance.

Bibi has been dancing for 26 years, but it is only when she discovered the blues that she found her true “perfect match” and fell in love with it. 

The overwhelming passion for music and dance quickly became a one-way ticket to the world.

Daire’s love of dancing started with moving to the latin rhythms growing up in the Caribbean, but he fell in love with Lindy Hop in the frozen north of Scotland, in 2009, and fell in love again with Blues at a workshop just 6 months later. 

They are well-known faces on the international scene, they have been travelling all around Europe, USA and Asia to deepen their knowledge, teach, share and spread all of their love for the blues.

What Bibi and Daire love about the blues are the breadth of blues music, the range of emotional expression, the creativity and the playfulness in the connection and communication with the music and the partner in the dance.

They are always excited to talk about blues and can’t wait to dance with you all!


Edmilson da Cruz Botelho was born and grew up in São Tome and Principe, an island country in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa. Since was young he always lived in a dance environment and danced some African and traditional dances of his country including usôa, puíta, funaná, kadance (kizomba) and semba in a group of his uncle, the Musicdance group.

At age 12, Michael Jackson “King of POP” became his idol and he liked imitating him for his classmates! Other dancers such as Usher, Ne Yo, Omarion, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake awakened his great interest in POP style.

He was introduced to Lindy Hop when living in Portugal in 2012.  He quickly became part of the performance and teaching team for Swing Station School in Porto and over the years has won numerous competitions in Lindy Hop and solo Jazz.  He now teaches for Hop Dance Studio in Porto, teaching Lindy Hop, aerials, and partnered and solo Blues dance. He has been invited to participate in various Blues Dance events over the years, including Bluesology teacher training in Valencia. For him, dance is all about feeling,groove and joy.